How NLS Really Works as explained by Joel Therien, owner NLS.

Ask any woman that has ever tried to lose weight and she will say how hard and depressing it was. Well, that is over now. Studies have been done and science actually applied, the best way to lose weight is to build muscle. Muscle is Magic! It burns massive amounts of calories 24/7/365. After the... Continue Reading →

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This is the Reason Why Your Muscles Do Not Grow After a Workout

The best method for increasing muscle mass involves creating a disciplined exercise routine, sleep schedule, and nutritious diet. While you may be taking some steps prior to working out that can help build muscle, are you consciously incorporating healthy post-workout habits as well? Follow these post-workout muscle-building steps, and you’ll start to notice results while... Continue Reading →

The Best Protein Powder to Choose Based on Your Health Goals

Sprinkle these powders into your smoothie for a muscle-building, stomach-filling boost. By Stephanie Eckelkamp Jan 4, 2019 Getty Imagesmarekuliasz Your smoothie recipe calls for a scoop of protein powder. So you go to the store only to discover dozens of different varieties: whey, soy, casein, pea, rice, hemp, those with a blend of plant-based proteins...the... Continue Reading →

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